Logan Karl

Solving Problems For Brands In A Creative Way


Logan Karl wants to capture the unique experience, adventure, or product functionality that is your brand! 

I will take your product on creative adventures and produce breathtaking films and photos to showcase your brand. If it's an experience you provide, I will follow along beside you to capture the uniqueness the adventure embodies to share with others.  

My mission is to provide a visual solution for you to help your clients understand your perspective.  Logan Karl will strive to make your product or experience stand out! 



Logan Karl seeks to help your brand accomplish its unique goal. With every brand there is a different solution. It's my job to identify what your needs are to help your brand grow bigger and more successful.

I have developed a passion for telling stories and solving problems through photography and videography. I am focused on creative solutions for helping your brand grow through exposure in media and/or advertising. I have a special interest in shooting outdoor adventures and extreme sports.

I ensure that my work for you will be done with the highest effort and quality, with the promise to be easy to work with as I strive to solve your needs. Your journey with Logan Karl will be effective and fun, while creating relationship along the way!



Podcast Production

Logan Karl specializes is post-podcast production. 

As a business owner in 2021 keeping up with the newest forms of public outreach and understanding where people are going to hear about your services or products is extremely important. Logan will help you create your very own podcast to share on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, and other podcast hosting platforms. 

Lets not forget, this goes for personal brands too! Everyone has a personal brand and having a podcast is a great way to tell the public what your personal brand is all about!

Podcasting isn't just a place to share funny stories or talk about your life. You can use podcasts to teach your employees new skills or simply to speak about relations to your business to grow your circle of followers and friendships.

Ask Logan how he will uniquely cater all of the podcast services for your business or personal brand! 



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